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We Put Your Needs First

We produce arrangement masterworks for your songs, at pocket-friendly prices!



Image by Josh Sorenson
Image by Troy T

Price: $99 & 7,000/- INR (For India) [Negotiable]

We will professionally mix and master your stem files, using only professional equipment and plug-ins. We are always aiming to achieve the best sound for every track we work on!

We need:

  •  Audio tracks/stem files in any of these formats: WAV/AIFF

  • Export & send your audio tracks dry, NO Processing (EQ, Compression, FX, etc.)

  • We also accept FL Studio Projects Files.

  • Quality recordings (the better we get, the better the mix)

You will get:

  • Professionally Mixed and Mastered music arrangement which you can present to record labels and publishers.

  • You will get a High-Quality MP3 / Wave file.

If your vocals need pitch correction, you will be charged extra for Vocal Tuning Service.

Price: $129 & 8,500/- INR (For India) [Negotiable]

We produce Custom Hip Hop Beats, Song/Cover Music (Any Genre). Your music and satisfaction are important to us! With proven experience in music arrangement, we can arrange any kind of song and instrumentation in any musical style thereby creating an appealing and professional master music arrangement that will maintain listener’s attention and give your song the ultimate finishing touch.

We need:

  • Full song lyrics

  • Length of the song (Time Duration)

  • Tuned vocal track in any of these formats: WAV/AIFF/FLAC

  • Specific instructions (particular instrument, genre, tune etc. if any)      

You will get:

  • Professionally arranged and programmed track

  • You will get a High-Quality MP3 / Wave file/stems if required


Image by israel palacio


Image by Spencer Imbrock

Price: $267 & 20,000/- INR (For India) [Negotiable]

This offer Includes Music Arrangement, Vocal Tuning, Mixing & Mastering. we will provide you Full Complete Mastered Track.

Price: $79 & 5,500/- INR (For India) [Negotiable]

Vocal Tuning or Pitch correction is an electronic effects unit or audio software that changes the intonation (highness or lowness in pitch) of an audio signal so that all pitches will be notes from the equally tempered system (i.e., like the pitches on a piano). Pitch correction devices do this without affecting other aspects of its sound. Pitch correction first detects the pitch of an audio signal (using a live pitch detection algorithm), then calculates the desired change and modifies the audio signal accordingly. The widest use of pitch corrector devices is in Western popular music on vocal lines.

We need:

  •  Reference track to tune the vocals (if any)

  •  Your RAW Vocals

You will get:

  • Tuned vocal track which you can use for mixing/mastering or recording.

  • You will get a High Quality MP3 / Wave file of your tuned vocal.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, simply get in touch.

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