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Who is Rosh Blazze?

My name is Rohit Shah better known as Rosh Blazze or Blazze Music, I started my Musical Journey in 2009 by making remixes using Virtual DJ Software and Audacity for basic Mixing. but I started proper Music Production in 2017 when I got so many Copyright Claims, and due to those claims and strikes I lost many YouTube channels then I decided to Produce Music on my own and I learned FL Studio from YouTube. And after that, I never look back.

How it started?

I remember one day I was using Virtual DJ and by mistake, I recorded a Loop of the Drum, then I played it with a Song, I found this is so cool, It was the time I jumped into Music Production, I made so many Stupid Remixes & keep making them, Practice makes you perfect, Right.

I kept making remixes without any idea what I'm making, Sometime many friends & other people made fun of this, like what you are doing, You are wasting your time and all. But Whenever I felt alone I woke up in the middle of the night and start making beats, browse the internet on how to use DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), Watch YouTube, I heard millions of Tracks & it helped me to understand Music Genres, Drops, Buildups, Keymatching, Synths, BPM etc.

I created a Public Profile on Reverbnation & Ranked No.1 DJ in my Local Location because from where I belong there were only a few people were in this Music Scene, I had more followers & Playtime Compared to them, that's why I was No.1. And after some time I was in 27th Position in My Country. This gave me little hope that I have something which makes me different from the People around me. I was on Many Music Distribution Websites (Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Audiomack, The Artist Union, Loudr, Soundr, PromoDJ, Beatstars, Hearthis etc).

My Artist Name was 'DJ Rohit Beats' at that time, I learned Music Production and Mixing deeply and watched some studio sessions of big Music Producers and Mixing Engineers. After a few years, I came up with a new stage name 'Rosh Blazze' in 2017 and started producing my Original Music. I got projects from some Artists and I started earning as well. And in 2020 during lockdown one of my videos ‘Drugs Do’ gone viral and then ‘OMG Turu Love’ after that ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’. These meme videos increased the number of my subscribers and followers. Now I have Millions of listeners and Billions of streams on Digital Stores. But if it wouldn't happen to me I’d still make the music the way I'm making it for years without any results and money.

I don't know where I am, I'm perfect or not, but Whenever I search my name on Google, it makes me feel top of the world that at least Millions of People Know my Name & I'm not limited to my Specific Place where I'm living. Yes, I'm not as good as Other DJs, Producers and Musicians. I'm still learning, I enjoy it while I do this, this makes me happy. People judge you because they don't know what You have been through but Music keeps me motivated and improves my self-belief. Thanks for being a part of my musical journey.

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